This Is Not A Novel -

this is not a novel and other novels david markson - this is not a novel and other novels david markson on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers david markson was a writer like no other in his novels which have been called hypnotic stunning, amazon com not me a novel 9780812973327 michael - not me is a remarkable debut novel that tells the dramatic and surprising stories of two men father and son through sixty years of uncertain memory distorted history and assumed identity when heshel rosenheim apparently suffering from alzheimer s disease hands his son michael a box of moldy old journals an amazing adventure begins one that takes the reader from the, the whole class novel to read together or not - it is so true that kids or adults alike do not read the same book the same way i remember when i was in middle school and tried to read a thick novel i always skimmed through it to see what happened in the end many times skipping pages of descriptions of scenery especially if the description was a long paragraph